A Contemporary
Shingled House
A House Designed for Entertaining
A Modern Manor
A Modern House Designed For Easy Living
Meadow House
A House That is an
Every-Day Getaway
A Barnyard Retreat
A House on a Hill
A House In The Woods
A Lakefront House
Comes of Age
A House that Melds
Inside and Outside
A Home Above It All
A Shingled Classic in a Natural Setting
A House That
Centers on Family
A Mid Century
Modern Addition
Pool Pavillion
A House Designed
to Take In Views
An Elegant Weekend Escape
A Showplace
For an Art Collector
A Home Re-connected
to its Site
A Mid-century Makeover
A Revitalized Gem
on the Lakefront
A House Which Blends Old and New
Leisure on the Lakefront