A House That is an Every-Day Getaway:
The house seeks to combine the casual air of seaside shingle style homes with the flowing open plan and amenities emblematic of a modern lifestyle. The effect is of a house that feels like an every-day getaway. The approach to the double gabled front façade of the house is via a Maple tree lined drive to a drive court. Upon entering the house a sequence of elegant rooms are revealed culminating in a two-story book-lined library. The main living spaces look out to a romantic pool house, pool and rear yard through a long curving veranda which shields the summer sun. Amongst the features of the house are an open kitchen, ground level indoor spa, kid’s computer lounge, and a yoga room within the master suite. A special activity oriented basement consists of a theater, exercise room, playroom and 15 foot high sport room. The house also features discreetly located solar panels which provide hot water to the house and a green roof area.